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   Welcome ...... to Kids 4 Kids

Children are dying at the rate of 30,000 every day... one child every three seconds .. dead .... 

from preventable causes

Our objectives:

In an attempt to save many of those lives, a series of SOS messages were sent to a number of artists, requesting assistance. Many of those artists have appeared in charity events to help save those lives and to alleviate the poverty and suffering of those in the 3rd world.

  If a picture is worth a thousand words, this simple clip represents all we are: The Heroes

"Gen3M speak out"  is opening at the University of NSW Science Theatre on Friday, December 18th. 2020IMPOSSIBILITY

 Kids 4 Kids is again challenging impossibility with the theatre production:

"The 3rd. Millennium"

wherein a series of SOS messages go to people, both living and deceased.

  # University students in various countries are supporting students in their efforts to assist disadvantaged children through this project featuring

"The Children's Manifesto"

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100% of all public donations go directly to assisting disadvantaged children. There are no administrative deductions.

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  Kids 4 Kids Inc. is a non-denominational, fully-accredited charitable organisation, assisting disadvantaged children for over 20 years.

100% of all public donations go directly to assisting disadvantaged children, unless specifically nominated by the donor for administration. There are no administrative deductions with Kids 4 Kids Inc.