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address: POB 6177
Malabar 2036, Australia

Tel: 612-93117788


Kids 4 Kids Inc is in the business of assisting disadvantaged children with priority to those in life-threatening circumstances.

Providing direct assistance to such children is the principal focus of Kids 4 Kids Inc.

Bringing awareness to people and organisations capable of making systematic change in the circumstances of such children, also remains a focus of Kids 4 Kids.

Chaplaincy Services:

Kids 4 Kids has been providing chaplaincy to children and youths, from Brazil to Australia, for over two decades. Kym Derriman's work as a non-denominational chaplain began under the auspices of Padre Bruno Trombetta of Pastoral Penal in Brazil 1992 and both the late Fr. Terry MacDonald (Chaplain in the Malabar Correctional Centre) and Rev. Jim Thompson Parramatta Correctional Centre) from 1994 in Australia. He has provided comfort and spiritual direction to many and seen life paths change in so many individuals, who may have otherwise continued along criminogenic paths.

Back to Rehab Again is a program of Kids 4 Kids addressing drug dependency. The object is to assist individuals in defining their life objectives, while confronting dependency and creating a structure of support to assist them along their respective paths towards fulfilling their objectives.







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