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The 3rd Millennium


This is a story about children helping children, to make a better world. It is about their commitment to assist disadvantaged children, the method they use (music), the events surrounding their efforts and the philosophies which they encounter in trying leave a legacy for future generations.


The story opens with children of the third world talking with a man who has helped them. The man is finally leaving the homeless children with whom he has worked in a project to help their plight. He is telling them to have faith and pray and that help will come to them. In leaving the children, the man talks to them about other children even worse off than themselves, even though they are homeless children. He talks about other children who have no means to run, who are literally falling down in dire starvation and dying where they fall. Then he asks the children who they feel should receive help first and the decision is put to a vote among the children themselves. It is his proudest moment when these children, confronting survival themselves, vote to have other children receive assistance in priority to themselves.


The man then arrives in Australia, where he delivers the message of the children of the 3rd world. He tells people of their plight and of the project to seek assistance. It involves trying to get out some SOS messages via songs. In Australia, there are children of many cultures. They all become involved and try to help in getting out the SOS messages and bring about an event linking up children worldwide. Children of many other countries become aware of the project and add their voices, in song, to support the SOS messages.


The SOS songs each have a story behind them and also a specific purpose and no group of children benefits directly by their own actions. Each group's efforts go to helping other children, specifically disadvantaged children. In one typical scene we see children of one nation, Philippines, sing an SOS song seeking help to assist other children (Cambodian amputees) to dance. Impossible? Impossibility is challenged at every turn, in every song. The object of this particular song is to raise funds to help clear landmines and to give opportunities to children which they would not normally have. The challenge of the impossible gives justification for rejection and prolonged ridicule from many people who do not accept that anything is possible with faith in God. Again and again however, we see the SOS songs reach children of other countries who take up the cause, and sing, to add their support, full of faith that it can succeed.


We see the world, as it exists, through the eyes of children and hear their philosophies and get to see their vision of the future.



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