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 "The 3rd Millennium"

In “The 3rd. Millennium”, we trespass along the path of insanity, looking into the mind of Meglo, who is trying to save dying children. We gain insight into the mind of a schizophrenic teenager, confront homophobia, challenge impossibility and reach beyond the terrestrial. Can all that be possible when, in the midst, there is a dramatic drive to save a python named Monty from extinction? More so, could it be asked if all this a distraction from the core theme: children of the 3rd Millennium, Gen3M, giving voice to millions of disadvantaged children with “The Children’s Manifesto?       

The audience are filmed to form part of these historic productions.

The plays follow a group of students of the youngest generation, Gen3M, as they identify the wrongs currently being committed towards children in the global community. They unearth a series of SOS messages by children of the previous millennium, recognise that the same issues cross millennia and are inspired by the efforts of youth like Malala Yousafzai, Emma Gonzales and Greta Thunberg in their efforts to bring assistance to such children. These students, on the back end of the social anxieties and confusion associated with adolescence, attempt to make changes for the protection of Planet Earth and for children of their generation and beyond.

By calling on living and dead celebrity activists, such as Bob Geldoff, Ray Charles, Elton John, Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, the sceptical students begin to realise that even the smallest victory is worthwhile. These ‘SOS’ calls to celebrities add a musical element to the production, using the compositions to convey the important message of Gen3M - that this generation will be heard, and no children will be left behind.

Sending an SOS to people who are dead? Each day, billions of people across all religions, pray to – and for - "dead" people, saints and sinners alike. What results await with these productions?

Who will present Emily, delivering the empassioned voice of youth suffering from mental disorders? Who will present Amber, championing the rights of all disadvantaged children? Critically, who will be chosen for the provocative role of the Professor?

The production is set to have a mini-series streamed, raising awareness of social injustices, to bring about change now and into the future.


Children are dying at the rate of 30,000 every day... one child every three seconds .. dead .... 

from preventable causes, within a pandemic.

These productions are a serious attempt to address the plight of such children.



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